We Can’t Blame The Gun This Time

I knew it would happen, I just thought it would happen after stiffer gun laws came into effect. Another disgruntled young male went on a killing spree. What will be blamed this time?

The people who are staunchly advocating for tougher gun laws will say at least there are not as many deaths with a knife compared to deaths when a gun is used.

I agree the US needs some stiffer gun laws or the laws that already exist need fine tuning and properly enforced, especially the need for training and proper licensing.

In Canada a hand gun requires a different license and a 5 day waiting period from the day the gun is bought to the day the purchaser can take possession (with the first hand gun, after that the person can purchase and take as many hand guns as he wants).
There is a 30 day waiting period for license approval. But once you have your license you can purchase a rifle with no wait.

We also have laws pertaining to the storage of fire arms; which requires they be stored in a locked gun case, be decommissioned or have a trigger lock. But this law would not have prevented Nikolas Cruz, his gun was in a locked gun case. Under Canadian gun laws the Vegas shooter would not have been stopped either. I am unsure what the laws in Canada have to say about the fact that Nikolas Cruz advertised on Facebook for months prior to actually shooting up the school. I think that comes down to society in general ignoring a potential time bomb until it blew. In my opinion the responsibility lies on the shoulders of the mental health professionals and police.

You can ban bump stocks or large magazines but that won’t prevent them from existing and being purchased illegally. A legal gun can be modified; Google it.

If someone wants to kill they are not concerned about doing it legally; think about it.

As was just shown with the recent school stabbings in PA stricter gun laws is not going to stop school violence. 21 students are injured, some very seriously, deaths are yet to be determined. Sure there are not as many deaths as in Florida, but even one death is too many.

Guns, knives, bombs, vehicles, are all tools a person can use to kill enmass.
After Canada brought in stiffer gun laws the homicide rate for guns did drop. But interestingly enough the over all rate of homicides AND suicides went up. So stiffer laws on guns only prevented deaths using a gun NOT deaths.

It only makes sense to me that instead of eliminating the means, we need to look at the CAUSE. Guns do not CAUSE deaths, it is the person holding the gun who is doing the killing.

Why aren’t people asking WHY!? why are young men (its not women doing the killing) so angry they feel mass murder is the solution?

Could it be that every single mass shooter, adult or youth, has been on some prescription psychiatric drug for either depression or ADHD commonly known as SSRI’s?
It is a multi faceted problem that needs to be addressed at the cause.

My mother has had a leak in her kitchen for 30 years. Every time it rains when the wind is blowing a certain direction her kitchen gets a puddle. It appeared to be coming from the skylight. She has hired numerous contractors to fix the leak. They caulk here, reseal there, and think they have it fixed. It has appeared fixed for a year or more; until the wind is blowing in just the right direction during a rain storm and my mom walks into her kitchen to another puddle. She is at her wits end about the problem, the gyproc is now falling away from the ceiling there is no way of hiding the damage any more and the leak is getting worse. My brother and my son (my son was 4 when she moved into the house and it leaked, he is 34 now) are both highly respected in the construction industry and they have both worked on the leak and thought they had it fixed, but no such luck. It leaked again this winter. You can keep patching it again and again and you can patch the drywall and it looks fixed but it will eventually leak again. Until you find the source of the leak the problem won’t go away and the source of the leak may not be where you think it is. Water can travel a long way from the original source of the leak.

To assume guns are the cause of mass shootings is like patching the leak in a roof without finding the source of the leak.

I am not saying that the SSRI’s are totally to blame either; I think it is a combination of factors contributing to the bigger problem.

I AM saying; find the source, and you will be able to fix the problem.