Turned 60 With Half My Teeth

My birthday wish didn’t quite come true, I had teeth but couldn’t wear my lowers. At least I had my uppers and was able to smile. They are still too big but they don’t look like horse teeth any more, more like beaver teeth.

I have to say Adam has been great!!!  I went back to see him this past Friday and he adjusted the lower denture so that it is much more comfortable. I asked again if I had heard right; that he was going to make me a whole new set of teeth in a couple of months and he said yes, most definitely.

He patiently repeated what he had said, that he wanted to make these teeth as comfortable and functional as possible so I have teeth and then in 2-3 months he will order new teeth and do another mold and fit me with totally new dentures the right size in every way.

I totally understand that and am good with that!

As it is I ate solid food yesterday!! yippee! Cucumber! cut in very small pieces but solid food none the less!

If I would have gotten dentures that were the right size right from the beginning I would be totally used to them by now. My birthday is past, I am looking to the future and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometime in June I will have my new dentures and I know how quickly a couple of months can fly by. I want to get started on living and not waiting for something. It seems the past few years all I have done is wait…… for disability, to feel well, for teeth, and now I want to start doing!

It is amazing how a person’s confidence comes back the minute they have teeth again! I immediately felt attractive again, got my sense of humor back and got my optimism back. I am ready to tackle the world again. Well, maybe not the world, but at least life. I lost my ability to tackle the world when I met the narcissist. Stress will do that to a person. The simplest thing can send me into a tail spin these days.

Tip #4 – All this turmoil motivated me to do more research on dentures and I wish I had done that prior to getting all my teeth yanked out. For one thing, to get immediate dentures is apparently a lot more painful than not having them inserted the same day the teeth are pulled. When I got my partials I had my back teeth pulled over the course of a year to spread the cost out and so that I didn’t need to be put out (which of course costs more) and then they pulled the one tooth in the front and inserted the partial. That was a TOTALLY different experience than having 11 teeth removed and having full dentures in immediately. I can not imagine having a full mouth of dentures right away. My mouth was sore and swollen enough without having to contend with dentures in there too. I hear there is something they call temporary dentures that you can wear until your gums go down. I would definitely look into what options there are available.