Do You Hear Those Alarm Bells Ringing!!

I was asked a question today I thought worth sharing;
If a woman you are dating tells you that 3 of her 5 ex boyfriends threatened suicide and were “possessive imbeciles”, would you be concerned?

Shhhhh …… Do you hear that?????       That’s alarm bells going off!!!

Psychopath’s have a habit of giving subtle warnings to their new prey, part of the game I guess. They invariably out themselves in a way that they don’t come right out and say they are a psychopath but later you will go, “Oh my God, why didn’t I run?”

She has a problem, she is either attracted to emotionally unstable men, or she makes men suicidal. Either way, she has a problem, don’t make it yours.

When I first met my ex he would drop subtle hints; he told me most of his ex’s called him a cheap bastard when I had thanked him for a gift he bought me. I had thought that it was a strange thing for him to tell me but he had always been very generous with me and I thought he was kidding.

Another time a few months later he mentioned that all his ex’s had falsely accused him of being unfaithful.

The longer we were together the more little tidbits came out, but there was one common trait all his ex’s had, they were all psycho bitches who made his life hell and he was the innocent victim.

Well, you guessed it, after a couple of years I was the psycho bitch and he was only abusive in response to my dysfunctional view of reality.

I had gone from being; unlike any woman he had ever met or dated, calm and rational, he could talk to me, I had taught him what real love was; to, a paranoid, suspicious, psycho bitch that made his life hell. He had met the love of his life, she was nothing like me, she was calm and rational, he didn’t have to cheat on her or lie to her.

I said, “Give her 10 years and get back to me.”

I advise you to walk away and severe ties with her asap, this story will not end well.

Watch for those thorns among the roses.