NRA Boycott Targeting Wrong People

Mountain Equipment Company, a Canadian company has been pressured by some of their customers to boycott Vista Outdoor products because of pressure from the US gun control activists to boycott any company that supports the NRA.

This is a real roundabout, connect-the-dots way to get to the NRA, and hurts far more innocent people who are just trying to feed their families by working in a totally unrelated industry, than it does the NRA. The NRA does not care if I can’t buy goggles, a bike helmet or water pack or if people get laid off at these various companies.

I had to google MEC because I didn’t think they carried firearms but thought I must be wrong if people were boycotting them. I was right, MEC does not sell firearms but they do carry brands owned by Vista Outdoors, Vista Outdoors owns many different companies that manufacture outdoor equipment and supplies, including Savage, who manufactures guns, including AR15’s, and Savage supports the NRA. Are you still with me? I didn’t lose you did I?

The companies owned by Vista are extensive, here is a short-list of some that may sound familiar to you:

American Eagle,

Camelbak – manufactures water bottles and those water bladders you carry on your back used by many outdoor and sports enthusiasts

Bell Sports – bicycle, motorcycle, and race car helmets

Camp Chef- pretty self explanatory

Giro – sunglasses, goggles used for bicycling, snow boarding and skiing

Jimmy Styks – paddle boards and related equipment

Serengeti Eyewear

Tasco – telescopes and rifle scopes

Bushnell – binoculars and scopes

Savage Arms- founded in 1894, one of the country’s biggest producers of semi-automatic rifles.

So, MEC is being threatened with being boycotted because they carry goggles, helmets, and camping supplies made by companies owned by a company who owns a gun manufacturing company.

Again, we are dealing with the well-intentioned actions of the ill informed. People who are against guns have tunnel vision, blindly on a path to destroy anything remotely involved with guns or the NRA.

I understand what people are trying to do, it is the same thing that Alberta is trying to do by banned BC wines, They think they will get to the government through the little guy wineries. It is equivalent to holding the little guy ransom to get the big guy.

Savage’s website lists the organizations it supports, some of which are; the Boy Scouts, Youth Shooting Sports, Project Child Safety, Congressional Sportsman Foundation, Tread Lightly, (an environmental group), Theodore Roosevelt Conservation, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, plus the National Rifle Association. So, according to the people calling for a boycott all these organizations should refuse to accept funding from Savage. Savage is trying to be a socially and environmentally responsible company.

Stores that sell firearms often sell other outdoor supplies for not only hunters; like people who camp, hike, dirt bike, picnickers, fishermen, ski, snow board, bicycle ride, paddle board, kayak, use telescopes for star gazing and the list goes on, you know; the healthy outdoorsy type, the families. AND stores like MEC don’t even sell guns but they do sell products made by a sister company of Savage.

When companies buy up other companies the employees have no choice about who owns the company they work for, as long as they get their pay check every week and are treated fairly, most people are so far removed from the parent company they have never even met the owner or know what companies are in the conglomerate. (I worked for Fraser Valley Foods which was a div. of Pillsbury which was bought by Grand Met. I had no clue all the companies Grand Met owned.)

Boycott all companies under the Vista brand and stores stop stocking their products, production goes down, layoffs happen, and who suffers? The very last one to suffer any backlash from the boycott is the NRA, do you really think that the 10% discount the members get from some hotel is going to hurt them enough to change their minds, NO; if anything, they are going to be really pissed off and dig in their heels even more.

It is fine to be indignant and self-righteous, but in this case, you can’t even say “the end justifies the means” because you aren’t going to get the result you want.

I went into the Cabela website out of curiosity to see if you could buy a gun online and what it would take. This is what I found;

Cannot Ship

  • New York
  • APO/FPO addresses
  • International addresses
  • Hawaii
  • United States addresses that have a zip code that starts with 603
  • United States Territories
  • United States addresses that have a zip code that starts with 604
  • United States addresses that have a zip code that starts with 605
  • California
  • United States addresses that have a zip code that starts with 606
  • United States addresses that have a zip code that starts with 600
  • New Jersey
  • United States addresses that have a zip code that starts with 607
  • United States addresses that have a zip code that starts with 608
  • Colorado
  • Massachusetts
  • Connecticut
  • District Of Columbia
  • Maryland


Yes, you can order firearms online! Unlike other items, firearms can only be sent to a Cabela’s store for pickup. Please note: Actual possession is only transferred in-person after all applicable government requirements, including background checks, are fulfilled. You should check your applicable federal, state, and local laws before attempting to acquire a firearm.

Important Restrictions

  • Orders that contain firearms must be placed by the actual recipient of the firearm(s).
  • Handgun buyers must be 21 years of age or older, and a resident of the state where the transfer will occur.
  • Long gun buyers must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Pistol-grip shotgun buyers must be 21 years of age or older, and a resident of the state where the transfer will occur.
  • Receiver or Frame buyers must be 21 years of age or older, and a resident of the state where the transfer will occur.
  • Firearm transfer and use is subject to government regulation. It is your ultimate responsibility to ensure you are in compliance with all regulations that apply to the purchase of firearms and ammunition.
  • We cannot sell some items in certain jurisdictions.
  • Firearms are sold only as equipped. We do not add to or take away from the manufacturer’s configuration.
  • Bring your government-issued photo identification so we can validate your order, identity, age, and current residency address.
  • At the time of pickup, you will be asked to record your current residence address on ATF Form 4473, Firearms Transaction Record. If the address on your government-issued photo identification does not agree with your current residence address, you must bring another government-issued document with you for address verification. Examples of other government documents would include: A vehicle registration, a vehicle title, a hunting license or a voter identification card.
  • Your state of residence or local jurisdiction may have a specific license or permit requirement. If so, you must possess the required credential before you may take possession of the firearm. Please check your applicable federal, state, or local laws if you have any questions.

The following is a portion of the statement made by FedEx who is expected to stop doing business with the NRA.

“FedEx is a common carrier under federal law and therefore does not and will not deny service or discriminate against any legal entity regardless of their policy positions or political views. The NRA is one of hundreds of organizations in our alliances/association Marketing program whose members receive discounted rates for FedEx shipping. FedEx has never set or changed rates for any of our millions of customers around the world in response to their politics, beliefs or positions on issues,” the company noted.

Here is a link to the most comprehensive unbiased description of an assault weapon and a semi automatic weapon

People see a gun that looks like this…..

in the newspaper and think assault rifle

They see a gun that looks like the second picture and think hunting rifle (the pictures are to show how different semi-automatic guns look. I have no idea if the picture is an AR15)

It is the same damn gun, just a different casing and stock, the mechanisms are the same for both guns.

It is impossible to ban one without banning the other and then you are denying people’s 2nd amendment rights, hunters, survivalists, people who enjoy sports shooting, skeet shooting, target shooting.

That old clique “You get more bees with honey comes to mind”. I think history has shown that the NRA are not going to be pushed around. It is a vicious cycle that never accomplishes anything. I understand that people want an immediate solution but even if the NRA gave you everything you want, it would take time to take effect and the problem would still exist!

Years ago, the doctors took my perfectly good gall bladder out because they thought it was the cause of my pain. When they realized my gall bladder was fine they suggested they remove some other organ. I said, “Hey, I have an idea. Instead of removing more good organs in hopes of finding the problem, how about we find out what the problem is and then, if need be, remove that organ”.

In my mind, there is little point to making more gun laws until the existing gun laws are effectively enforced. Some people will not be happy until guns are banned and the NRA is brought to their knees, but that is because of some self righteous need to not back down and a refusal to face facts; it is not because it is the right thing to do or will help.

If you want to change things, you have to know exactly what it is you want to change.

“Stiffer gun laws”

“Banning assault weapons”

Are too vague. Most of the people screaming for stiffer gun laws have no idea what the existing gun laws are. If they did, they would know that if the existing gun laws were properly enforced many of the mass shootings could have been prevented.

More on US gun laws and how they would have stopped almost all the mass shootings if they would have been enforced and how the system is obviously broken because the information is not being recorded, people are not taking their responsibilities seriously and there are too many loop holes.